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    Happy 3DPO (girl sway) - any cycle buddies? 😍


    First time poster 💕

    Iím in 3DPO (also on clomid)

    I did frequent release for 7 (or 8? &#129300 days and then 2 attempts. One on +OPK day, one the day after.
    Been taking antihistamines, clomid (for fertility reasons) LOT of diet drinks with aspartame, green beans, little to no red meats, minimal white meat, rice / pasta, and even MORE diet drinks 🤣

    Please keep everything crossed this is our month, and itís a pink one!! 🎀🎀

    Temp is higher than ever today so taking that as a good sign 🤞🏼🤞🏼

    Anyone else, regardless of which sway, around 3DPO??

    Xxxxx good luck and baby dust to all

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    Hi and welcome! Thanks for your patience!

    Since you are on Clomid, if you aren't pregnant this month you need to now drop frequent release and antihistamines. They cut odds of conception considerably and neither of them has worked. You have a limited number of months on Clomid, so after the first month out, you need to drop things that don't work and cut odds of conception.

    It sounds like you're following the Ingender Diet - just be sure you're getting enough food intake to continue ovulating!

    We don't go in much for the fake sugars here. We limit our intake to safe and sane amounts, 2-3 servings of 12-16 ounces a day (the equivalent of two or three diet drinks.) We have seen people ingesting scary amounts of fake sugar getting boys, and it may be there is some underlying reason for that, so we prefer to just err on the side of safety and sanity with the diet beverages.

    As a general rule a temp rise will need to be about 7 DPO to indicate pregnancy. But some people, in a month they do end up getting pregnant, notice that they have both a lot of estrogen in the first part of the month (so lower temps) and more prog after ovulation (so higher temps) and this has been shown on FF to be associated with a higher number of pregnant charts. Long story short, big hormones can be better chances of conception, even tho it's too soon to tell if this cycle will end in pregnancy or not. Good luck!
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