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    Adenomyosis with no symptoms - what diet to follow??

    Hi everyone. (And atomic! Would love your advice!)
    Swaying girl. 3 healthy babies so far. Got an ultrasound not long ago for a sore ovary (which is fine) but they also picked up on the fact I have moderate Adenomyosis. Doctor told me after ultrasound. I should note that when I had ultrasound I was actually very newly pregnant but didnít know (it resulted in a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks) I wondered if that would make the uterus lining look/seem thicker than normal?
    I have no symptoms. No sore stomach, no heavy bleeding or periods, no pain.
    I have had miscarriages recently, I get pregnant every month we try but have had chemicals (apparently common as hell) and a recent missed miscarriage. Anyway long story short what diet should I follow ? Iím not as worried about having a girl anymore Iím just want a sticky baby. Iím trying to eat really healthy to help my body and if there is inflammation to lower that.
    Havenít been to doctor about meds as I donít have symptoms. Hysterectomy was never mentioned. Doctor also said surgery can leave scarring and make fertility worse. So I canít be too dire yet. If I didnít have the US for my ovary I wouldnít even know what this thing was!
    Any advice is VERY appreciated! Much love

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    Yes absolutely having a MMC could make the lining look different than a doctor might expect to see. I would suggest having a followup ultrasound as a second opinion and also just to see if things had progressed.

    Are you on any supplements that might act as blood thinners?? Even things that people say are beneficial for fertility can cause issues. Everything you're taking, I would be happy to go over and see if they could be doing any harm. DO NOT start taking things like turmeric because they're "antiinflammatory" as they can be strong blood thinners and may aggravate endometriosis/adenomyosis because you'll bleed more heavily. I think you should also stay away from coq10. I've been doing some research into it and it can actually have the opposite effect, which may also be problematic.

    What I would do is have you follow a diet like The Zone or Perfect Health Diet where you're eating a good amount of protein, healthy fats like those in nuts, avocado and even butter (no skim or part skim dairy), whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and limit sugar as much as you can. If you need something sweet, aim for berries, dates, dark chocolate instead of highly refined junk food. Drop coffee, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners. 1 cup of black tea and 1 cup of green tea per day max.

    I would also add in an all purpose prenatal or multi with about 100% of different nutrients. Do not take megadoses (tho up to 250% Vit. D is allowed and may be beneficial) as more is not better.

    I would try to do a reasonable amount of light, not very challenging exercise such as walking. 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week. Don't run or do a lot of intense bouncing.
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