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Wow again so much helpfull info! Thanks!

Regarding position for BD; is there a favor for blue and is deep penetration necessary? And what about female organism?

Can I sweeten my oatmeal and milk with stevia of honey better?

I'll draft a meal plan and would love to hear your thoughts. Almost there.

How much too purchase a personalized plan via you?

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Well, none of those things have really been proven to sway though. They are just things people guess might sway. You need to put your health and well being first, and I believe 110% that things like diet and exercise and supplements sway by far more than the BD stuff. I would not even worry about it. Many of us (myself included) got boys doing things that are supposedly girl friendly, like shallow release, positions, no female O.

Stevia is said to be blue friendly, but it has never been proven and I am pretty skeptical about it. I would stick with real foods like honey or even regular sugar. I promise I never ate stevia in my life and I have 4 boys all with plenty of sugar.

The personal plans are here - there are several prices depending on how much you get. https://www.genderdreaming.com/forum/payments.php