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Thread: Girl Sway!

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    Girl Sway!

    I did a pretty intense girl sway for 3 months before ttc. I was already mostly vegetarian. I ate plain, unenriched pasta 2 meals a day and skipped breakfast. I had coffee with almond milk. Also tons of Aspartame!! Wine at night. I was a normal weight and lost 10 lbs. I was breastfeeding as well. I took vitex and temped and used OPKs. Only attempt was the night of the pos OPK. Husband works in an engine room in the heat and was taking cranberry supplements and drinking peppermint tea.

    Any chance this is a girl? LOL!!!!!! Taken at 16 weeks.

    I'm not exactly holding out for a girl here! We will try one more time. Any advice on what to do differently?
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    Huge congrats on new baby boy on the way!

    Do you have totals for cals, protein and fat?

    I would have you drop vitex for you, cranberry and pep tea for hubby, and do OLE and soy milk for hubby instead.

    Did you exercise?

    I'd likely have you do the alternate diet (whole grains, fruit and veg instead of refined carbs, no sugar, full fat instead of skim dairy) since that's what I do when I have people who have gotten opposites on a more standard LE Diet (although I'm not sure that you were truly on the LE Diet without more info)

    But all that having been said it may be you had an ideal sway for you, just that the cards didn't go yoru way and you ended up in the 25-30% of opposites.
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