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    Women over 35 and conception

    Hello all,

    Just curious here on what do women who are above 35 have without any swaying. Does age help with one gender over other without swaying?
    Lets say a woman does not sway and does not change the diet/exercise she has been doing for years and is above 35. Which gender does it favor?

    Will sway in the future

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    There is a teeny tiny very minor slight increase of girls according to some studies conceived to parents over 35, particularly over 40, and this was primarily observed in parents having their first/only child. But it is MINOR and other studies did NOT find this same result.

    I can't tell anyone what the outcome of their sway would be even IF they swayed! Let alone if she didn't. I will say I had a boy at 37 and a boy at 39, and then got a girl at 41 (but I swayed for her! I know of several people who had boys over 40). We just do not see an overwhelming effect from age.
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