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    BFP! But Ovulation Conception confusion..

    Hi Guys! Was wondering if I could have some help. So, my last two cycles have been bang on 24 days. The first day of my last period is Feb 27th. Iv'e put this info into a few ovulation calculators that say this:

    Fertile Window: March 6th to 10th
    Estimated Ovulation: March 8th or 9th
    Next period due: March 23rd

    So, I DTD on March 10th, if the egg survives up to 24 hours I would then assume that I did actually ovulate on March 9th ?? Had quite painful cramps on March 17th, exactly one week after DTD,

    That said, by 'DoingTheDo' a day after Ovulating, what gender baby would this lean toward swaying.

    Took a pregnancy test March 24th and it is for sure positive!
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    I answered this in your other thread!
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