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    Hi, I also think it is difficult to find info. :-)

    We are going to the US in week 40 to start the process. We donít want to include Health care in out country, so we are doing all the testing there. So now I am going first to do the blood works first.
    There are lots of dscussions about different results with the blood works, but for me, all of this info is difficult to grasp with all the technical terms (as this is quizen new, but probably get more into it AS we go).. As we have understood, there is no change in diet or anything for preparations before this consultation. Does anyone know (in easy words wWhat exactly they are testing? We have three healthy boys conceived naturally at the age of 3,5 an 7. 😊😊
    Very, very thankful if anyone could take the time to respond or direct me to a site Where this is more thoroughtly explained 🙈😊

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    Hi there. We have a section that talks about pretesting. You can follow the link in my signature. Basically, they are testing your ovarian reserve with the pretesting. They need to have some idea of how much medicine your body might need to yield a healthy supply of eggs at retrieval to give you the best chance of success.
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