We are naturally mostly fertile (5 pregnancies, I need meds for PCOS/anovulation but have gotten pregnant on first attempt multiple times with clomid/femara, I am on metformin now.) 34 with good pretesting numbers, DH 35.

We had 12 eggs retrieved, 9 mature (low considering my AFC was 30+.) My day 1 report was 5 fertilized. They don't do reports in between and today, (day 6), I found out we had nothing left, but all 9 did end up fertilizing.

We were planning to cycle again when we thought we only had 5 embryos and certainly will now that we have none but I don't want to make whatever the same mistake was the first time.

Could my med protocol have messed this up? [I felt that my dosages were too high too fast. My follicles were already mostly mature by day 7 of stims and some already over-mature measuring 24mm.) A lab problem? Egg quality? Sperm quality? We did ICSI with nanobeads. I was really too stunned to ask many questions and/or understand the answers when my fertility coordinator called to tell me. Is it true that if they stop developing/growing after day 3 then it's more likely a sperm issue? If it was/is a sperm issue, why were we able to get pregnant so easily, so many other times? Would it make sense to try PICSI or IMSI? I guess I am just trying to get my mind around a general idea of where to even start to figure out what went wrong here.

Thank you for any insight! I really appreciate it!