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    Your experiences - USA clinics

    I am new to this forumn and just wanted to say I wish you the best and thank you very much for your post.

    I am just looking at IVF clinics which offer PDG and not sure where to go. (I live in the United Kingdom.) First I was looking at Cyprus (Genesis) though I was informed that they don't have good success rates (from members of this forumn). Then I have been looking for clinics in the USA as far west as California to Texas to the east side of the USA.

    I thought it was great that there is a monitoring organisation in the USA (i.e. SART SART: IVF Success Rates) so I could have a bit more confidence in a clinic before investing/taking a chance with my money, my emotions, my physical health (as there are lots of risks with taking stims medication).

    I've been in touch with a few clinics including HRC Fertility with Dr. Potter.

    Q1. I would be very grateful for any feedback, suggestions, hints/tips on how you selected a clinic, especially if you had to choose one abroad (i.e. not in the country you are located in).

    Q2 When you live remote from the clinic (including in a different country) who monitors you? I'm aware of where I can get blood work and scans from though I'm a bit concern about who will make sure everything is going smoothly?

    Has anyone used HRC Dr Potter when living in the U.K. or another country? If so I would love to hear from you.

    Q3. Where do you go for the DIY book on IVF? Is there such a thing? Is there a good website online? All this IVF lingo seems a bit of a maze to me. I don't know where to get the basic load down of what to expect in a cycle including timescales in relation from first consultation etc.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

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    I read the book IVF for dummies (yep there seriously is one) it made things a lot clearer for me in the beginning.

    I have never cycles in the US but HRC and any large clinics would be very capable with overseas patients. If a clinic or dr is good, people will travel from all over to a certain clinic.

    I am sure others will be able to help more with the UK logistics.
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