Initial Consultation

Initial consultations with Gender Selection Australia can be done over the phone or Skype. To arrange a FREE consultation, simply use this form-

GenderDreaming Members that use the contact form on here to arrange a consultation also receive $1,000 off the published cycle cost!

A GSA staff member will call the patient to discuss their objectives and treatment options. After the phone consultation, a follow up meeting either face to face (for Melbourne or Sydney patients) or via Skype (for patients elsewhere in Australia) can be arranged to spend as much time as the patients need to truly understand the process and be totally comfortable with their decision. A reminder: this is one of the main advantages of Gender Selection Australia – we are here for you and are committed to providing a personal, genuine service that overseas clinics could never do. We won’t rest until you are 100% comfortable and all your preliminary questions have been fully answered. Of course, any questions of a very technical nature can be asked of Dr. Potter himself or his team. Dr. Potter will oversee each Australian client and perform all procedures at his offices. In all cases, the couple will have the advantage of a final Q&A with Dr. Potter.

Initial Testing

Once a couple confirm they’d like to begin the process, a fertility nurse from Dr. Potter’s office in L.A. (HRC Fertility Clinic) will get in touch with the patient and find a monitoring clinic close to the patient’s home where some of the basic fertility tests can be performed. If there is no fertility clinic close to the patient, HRC will work with gynecologists and your local GP to obtain the needed tests. Each patient will have a dedicated fertility nurse to work with.

Starting Treatment

Patients will start treatment at their local doctor/gynaecologist’s office. Dr. Potter’s team has worked with hundreds of Australian patients and has coordinated their initial testing and cycle monitoring with their local doctor’s offices with great success. Most medications can be purchased from the patient’s local pharmacy or couriered if they are not available locally.

Your trip to Los Angeles: Egg Retrieval and Embryo Transfer

Patients will travel to Los Angeles, California for approximately 10-13 days for an egg retrieval and embryo transfer. Gender Selection Australia will help with accommodation advice, as well as a travel itinerary. When the patient’s eggs are ready, an egg retrieval will be scheduled at Dr. Potter’s offices and the embryos will be grown in HRC Fertility’s embryology laboratory for approximately five days. After the egg retrieval, patients and their families have time to enjoy the sights and activities in California before returning to Dr. Potter’s offices for the embryo transfer. After the embryo transfer, the patient will stay in California for one or two more nights. Then, it is safe for patients to return home where they will be monitored with blood tests (for hormone levels) and ultrasounds (to check the growth of the fetus) during the first trimester.

-All information courtesy of Gender Selection Australia