We've been inundated this week by posts that have appeared to be from spammers affiliated with Ukrainian IVF clinics. They've posted under numerous names, starting with very generic posts in old threads, and then moved onto recommending a certain IVF clinic, pretending to be a satisfied customer but it's obviously "fake news" since they all appear to be written by the same person just posting under lots of different names. So please be aware of them; this is not the kind of behavior I find reputable clinics partake in, unfortunately (because we could use another choice in Europe, I know, but this is not honest behavior that indicates to me a good clinic).

And if you're the spammer(s) please be aware that after several warnings the last few days I will now be banning immediately whenever I see one of your usernames posting. I'm pretty good at spotting spam and can see through fake posts easily so I'd save my efforts.