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    Is Gender Selection legal or Illegal in Thailand (please help)


    I'm wanting a daughter to balance our family as we already have two beautiful boys. I have started dealing with a company that can co-ordinate this for us in Thailand (we are from New Zealand).

    But then i read on one of the Thailand ivf treatment websites that gender selection is illegal. If I google it I see lots of advertising and posts about it being legal in Thailand. But then I also see that it was made Illegal in 2014.

    I am worried that i might sign up, hand over my money and then arrive in Thailand to be told that we can't choose the gender.

    Does anyone know what the real story is with Thailand, is gender selection legal or illegal.

    And if it is illegal how can they still advertise it so heavily?

    Also we have been dealing with a company called has anyone had any dealings with them?

    Appreciate any help as we are quite confused at the moment.

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    Its legal in Thailand. I am in search for a good clinic.

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