I am so sorry for your loss, Marileigh, and also thank you very much for your patience.

I think you need to come off the vitex. Vitex messes with the way your body uses estrogen (we're not really sure how, exactly, but it does) and I think it's really, really risky for you to come off estrogen therapy and go onto vitex. It will only make it take LONGER for your cycles to go back to normal again.

If you need the supps for your health, then you should of course continue. You might want to compromise and cut back to 3x a week, or not. Totally up to you. People have still gotten girls while taking them.

It is probably fine to continue your smoothie. While we originally thought that nutrients in all forms could possibly sway blue, we have subsequently learned that as long as you stay in dietary limits, those type of things really don't matter that much. It is hard for me to sign off on your diet without knowing how many calories, grams of protein and fat you are consuming per day. You should be at 1500-1800 cals minimum (and possibly up to 1800-2000 if weight flies off you) 40-50 g protein even up to 50-60 for some, and 50-60 g fat (I want you at the max level of fat so you have enough raw material to make estrogen with). I want you on full fat dairy and NOT skim because it will help with the estrogen. I also want you back to eating the eggs and Ezekiel bread at least 2-3 days a week as the cholesterol in the eggs can help you make estrogen too and the fiber in the EZ bread may help. I do NOT want you taking the fiber that some others take.

I seriously doubt you are getting anythign approaching that level of fat intake with what you were eating. We need to address that and then your body will fix the imbalance with your hormones itself without any herbs.

Low carb veg are free and unlimited, higher carb veg and fruit you count only calories and not protein or fat. This means you may have to eat even more to hit your limits.

I would ditch the cranberry juice as it's not concentrated enough to sway, our results have found even the cran supps are useless for swaying, and also you're just adding more nutrients that may sway blue. Keep the smoothie if you like, though.

Do what you can in terms of exercise. at least 4 days a week, 60 min a day if you can.

Cran juice also useless for hubby. The jogging and biking will only help for him.

If you want timing, it's going to be tough with your cycle that way. Your best bet is to do one of two things - firstly you could get a fertility monitor and try BD when you get your second "high" reading (but be aware it may go right to peak, and also you may get many days of high before you ovulate) OR you BD once when you get a "peak" reading (or do OPK and BD at positive), or you could just BD unprotected every 4 days starting after AF and going through till when you're certain you have ovulated. If you are thinking "well those last two aren't really timing", you're quite correct, but they are methods that we have used on here for a while pretty successfully. Most of us have 2-3-4 or more timing opposites and over the course of time we have learned that it's probably number of attempts that sways and NOT the day you have sex on. (we don't know why). those other two methods are just easy ways to be in with one attempt without having to stress that much about timing, and with better chances of conception than the cutoff methods.

why were you on the progesterone??