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    Happy TTC 1st child in 2018, really hoping for blue... is that awful?

    Hi there! I recently got married and since DH and I are both 34, we are talking about TTC in 2018.
    While DH and I dated, we realized that we both want sons. Ironically, I think he would be suchhhh an amazing dad to girls but him and I both are the youngest in our families with all older brothers.
    So, let's be real here, considering we're both going to be 35 when we start this adventure, we're well aware of the fact that we'll just be lucky just to get pregnant naturally.
    So we understand that we're being a little crazy to expect to get pregnant naturally (twice), maintain healthy pregnancies/babies AND get gender we want. We get this.
    Forgive me, I am the type of girl that plans and prepares and researches things WAY WAY WAY prematurely. It's a flaw I haven't learned to control yet.
    I want to be all zen and go with the flow but then reality kicks in and knowing we want 2 children, I feel we should to do what we can on our end to favor males.
    I've never been the type to just sit back and wait for things to happen, I've been the person that knows what she wants and figures out how to achieve it.
    From what I've heard, that particular personality trait may not translate well to TTC.
    Anyway, any of you out there try to sway with you first child? Do you think it's awful that we care this much?
    Is there anything I should know about TTC in general? I am trying to figure out whether to go with my insurance coverage or my husbands, and not sure what we should be looking for in terms of maternity and pregnancy benefits and coverage. Any help is welcome!

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    HI and welcome!

    I LOVE it when people sway for their first. That way if you end up with an opposite you have time to try again and there's not the pressure.

    Planners and controllers tend to get boys anyway.

    The nice thing is that everything that sways blue tends to boost fertility and make it easier to conceive anyway.

    I'm not sure about the insurance question, that's above my pay grade LOL.

    Let me know how I can be of help!
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