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    First Time Swayer!

    Hello everyone!

    We have three little boys and would love a little girl to complete our family ❤️ I have read so much about swaying and all that I can say is that Im confused!!!!

    My main question is: WHAT DO I EAT?! 😂🤣

    Do I take calcium, magnesium and cranberry supplements?

    Do we BD every day from the end of AF to a couple days prior to O? I always get pregnant on ovulation day and they are always boys! But then again, I do love me some potatoes and all things boy diet related.

    Any advice or words of widsom is appreciated!
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    Low Everything Diet is

    Cranberry doesn't work and has too many risks and side effects for me to recommend

    Cal-mag is up to you, I got boys while taking it and gave it up to get my girl personally but you need to decide that one yourself

    DO NOT BD daily. I have a full explantion in this thread If you want to have a cutoff that is up to you but please only have ONE attempt.
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    Hi and welcome.

    Seems like you've started doing a bit of swaying research already. There is so much info out there but many other sites use a lot of "old school" sway tactics with have either been debunked, are not effective, inhibit conception or result in opposites. We do things a little bit different on this site. Have a read through some of Atomic's essays, in particular the Complete Index found in her signature above. From there feel free to ask ad many questions as you like, the community is very supportive here.
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