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    TTC With Out First Sept 2018... Blue Sway at 35

    Hi all!

    My husband and I will both be 35 in September, which is when we'd like to start TTC for our first child. I realize we have big enough hurdles with me being 35 that we probably shouldn't push our luck... but since it sounds like everything to sway blue actually HELPS fertility, I'm on board with doing a blue sway.

    Above all, we hope to:
    1. Get pregnant easily and naturally (fingers crossed!)
    2. Deliver a healthy baby above and beyond anything else (prayers!)
    3. Have a boy (would be the cherry on top!)

    Has anyone else tried to sway with their 1st child?
    We both want a boy. And since we both grew up with older brothers - he had 2 and I had 3, we love the idea of our first being a boy. It would take the pressure off having a boy the 2nd pregnancy when I'll be even older.

    Is anyone else swaying or TTC with 1st at 35+?
    I'm so paranoid we're gonna have trouble conceiving. I saw my gyno last week, he thinks I'm crazy and sees no reason why I'd have issues. He insists my body is young and perfectly healthy, that was just from my regular annual exam. I have a physical next week w my GP and I'm going to beg her to do every possible test on me. As a control freak (yeah, I'll admit it), I just hate the idea of trying for 6 months before seeing a specialist. I just wanna know NOW if we're going to have issues. Anyone else completely batty about TTC their first?

    How did your H respond when you mentioned trying to sway?
    My H jokes about wanting all boys but I'm not sure how he'd feel about changing habits and diet to sway. He's so optimistic (he also thinks I'm nuts for thinking I'm drying up and losing eggs everyday after 35) that I think he thinks we'll just get boys b/c we have so many men on both sides of our families.

    That's all, I just wanted to introduce myself (again) since I'm going to plan to start my sway in July, about 6-8 wks before September ovulation And I'll probably start asking a million questions leading up to then!

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    Hi and welcome!!

    Please don't overthink the "rule of 35". That has been completely overblown and most people can get pregnant perfectly fine at 35. The good news is that everything that sways blue will only help you get pregnant anyway, but I just don't want you to feel like you're infertile or anything because the reality is that you almost certainly are perfectly fertile! Here's a very reassuring article on that subject!

    The unfortunate truth is that you're not going to know if you have issues. Even if they run every test in the books, many couples who have fertility trouble pass those tests, and other couples who don't pass the tests still get pregnant easily. you do sound like a little bit control-freaky but the good news is that only helps sway blue. Just don't let it stress you out. You don't need all these tests, they're not going to help you, and let's say, G-d forbid, that one of them is less than optimal. Then what? Then you're going to do nothing but worry nonstop about it even though the odds are sky high you'll have no problem whatsoever getting pregnant! Sometimes ignorance is bliss and the numbers really are not at all predictive of who gets pregnant quickly and who doesn't.

    Hey, I'm here to answer questions and I LOVE my blue swayers - love it that you guys want a boy first (I did too and was just lucky enough to get him!!) Welcome and sending you all my blue dust!
    !!! Questions?? Check out the NEW and improved Complete Index !!!

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