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    3 beautiful boys looking to sway for team pink

    Hi, I'm new to this page but cane across it online. I'm 28 and my husband is 41 and we are from Wales, we have 3 beautiful boys and my husband has a daughter from a previous relationship. With my youngest starting school in April we feel now is the perfect time to try for another baby. I really would love a daughter (although a healthy baby is perfect) it would be nice for family balance I have never tried any methods to try and sway naturally for a girl as I was unaware of this until now. I've read previous posts but I don't understand anything I don't understand the shortened words and am looking for someone to explain to me what I need to do I use a period tracker on my phone and my periods are pretty much like clock work and last 7 days. I really am a dummy in this sector and really appreciate all the help I can get.


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    Hi and welcome! The thread of abbreviations is here:

    The things that have really worked for us are:

    Swaying diet longer than 12 weeks, fiber supplements, coffee, alcohol, dropping prenatals/multivitamins and fortified foods (and probiotics),

    Cardio exercise 60 minutes a day, 4-7 days a week

    One attempt

    Clomid or Femara if you can get them.

    For your husband, jogging/biking, and smoking have been shown to sway pink in studies. Soy milk and olive leaf extract may help for him, as well as fiber, coffee, alcohol.

    That's it. That's all the stuff that has actually seemed to work.

    It is easiest for me if you give me specific questions rather than just asking me to explain what to do. That way I know what you need help with rather than just guessing.
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