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    BFP! But Ovulation Conception confusion..

    Hi Guys! Was wondering if I could have some help. So, my last two cycles have been bang on 24 days. The first day of my last period is Feb 27th. Iv'e put this info into a few ovulation calculators that say this:

    Fertile Window: March 6th to 10th
    Estimated Ovulation: March 8th or 9th
    Next period due: March 23rd

    So, I DTD on March 10th, if the egg survives up to 24 hours I would them assume that I did actually ovulate on March 9th ?? Had pretty strong cramps March 17th I assume were implantation pains.

    That said, by 'DoingTheDo' a day after Ovulating, what gender baby would this lean toward swaying.

    Took a pregnancy test March 24th and it is for sure positive!

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    The egg doesn't really survive up to 24 hours. 24 hours is a theoretical number, like the absolute max an egg could ever survive, for the use of natural family planning as birth control (to PREVENT pregnancy, not achieve it). Most eggs don't survive but 4-12 hours after ovulation. There has never been a baby conceived the day after ovulation. The egg just can't live that long. So it's likely that you actually ovulated the 10th.

    The ovulation calculators use just very general info to determine ovulation. The truth is we can't know when exactly you ovulated based on any of this.

    The good news is timing doesn't sway anyway. It's been debunked, so it really doesn't matter that we can't know.
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