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    Complicated situation, swaying girl 🎀🙏🏼

    (Sorry I double posted this, I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to post initially)
    Hi all! Ive been stalking this website for literal YEARS and now, my partner and I have been ttc/swaying for a girl (our last baby) for the past four months with no success. The first month, I was taking cranberry and hubby was taking cranberry and spearmint. I also want to add that we both are on SSRIs (Prozac for me, Lexapro for hubby). Hubby is 38 and significantly overweight, I’m 29 and while I’m not overweight, I weigh significantly more than I did when I conceived my boys. But back to my sway, initially, we were trying the Baby Dust Method so we tried to do a cut off and it ended up being too far out. The subsequent months, we kept taking the same supplements but I added in Replens and I tried to have him frequent release but that was too much for him and when it was go time, he barely could “finish the deed”. This very last month, I had hubby drop the spearmint and instead take OLE and I added in a prenatal vitamin for myself. I still used Replens but initially I was using it an hour before dtd but this last month, I used the Replens every 3 days after AF ended up until my +OPK (which, unfortunately for me, ended up being the same day we did our one attempt). As you see, I am ALL over the place and I thought I knew what I was doing but CLEARLY I don’t. I strongly strongly believe that the SSRIs and my already low pH may already be lowering his sperm count and that the extra things may be completely depleting (especially the Replens) it but I’m really not sure. With my boys, I know for a FACT (although I was not tracking consistently) that we dtd back to back (possibly two days in a row or a day in between) right on ovulation (solid smiley face on Clearblue digital opk). I also know that I have a tilted uterus (I’m not sure how that will play into all of this). I really don’t know what to do at this point. We tried the one attempt this month right on my +opk with him abstaining for about 6 days and still a BFN. I am willing to try the one attempt one last time but if I am going to get pregnant, it has to happen no later than September/October (preferably September) in order to not clash with other things we have going on next year. I just need a bit more guidance. It would be lovely if Atomic could weigh in since she’s the Sway Sensei *hehe* sorry this was so long, I literally have ONE shot left because hubby is adamant about stopping at three and honestly, so am I, I dont think my body could handle anymore pregnancies after three. Thanks! ❤️
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    I answered this in the other thread!
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