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    Femara and frequency (tonight?!)--girl sway

    Hello! I've enjoyed reading everything here over the past year or so, and this is my first post. I have two sons and am hoping for a daughter.

    My question is a bit immediate! I'm on Femara right now for the first time (after about 6 cycles of no pregnancy so far despite trying, every month so far we've had one attempt in the fertile window). We had sex on CD10, then this morning at CD12 I got a +OPK, which means I'll probably ovulate tomorrow on CD13. I had been going for every 4 days, meaning we'd be due tomorrow (CD13) night, but it's possible I'll have ovulated by then. I've had fertile CM for a few days now.

    What I'm asking is, if we have sex tonight (CD12), that means we've had two attempts in the fertile window, right? Which would be boy-friendly? But if we wait until tomorrow, we could miss ovulation, which means our best shot was CD10 for a CD13 ovulation. What should I do?! I want to maximize the chances of getting a girl, but am also getting antsy about getting pregnant now and want to take advantage of the Femeara. Any guidance or suggestions would be welcome! Thanks!

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    Hi and welcome out of lurkdom!

    When was the last dose of the Femara?

    I would have the attempt. You've been going on quite a while with just one attempt, so it's def. time to add an attempt. You could do this in the "e4d" method and have that attempt CD 13 OR you could just have one now to be sure you're in before the egg drops.

    Either/or, at your discretion. The only thing I don't want you to do is stick with the CD 10 attempt, that would have very low chance of conception.
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