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    Last baby- Pink sway (help needed)

    Hi y’all!
    Happy to be here! ( Joined some time ago, but just got around to my intro. I thought I was in a good place, but I’m having doubts.)
    I’m a mama to a 20 mth old boy and will be swaying for a girl here soon for our final babe. I’ve put a lot of my sway into motion over the last 10 months: I’ve lost 45 lbs, became a vegetarian in April of 2020 and really incorporated daily exercise. Oh and I’m diagnosed PCOS, likely to start trials with clomid in February (both continual Metformin and a few rounds clomid were needed for my first pregnancy).
    Still trying to refine my diet.

    At first, I had decidedly opted out of buying a diet plan; I didn’t want to hyper-obsess. I’m not so sure that’s the right choice.
    I honestly just need some camaraderie and perhaps a bit more direction. 😔

    On the fence about some parts of my sway:

    Should I add in a daily baby aspirin?
    I’ve monitored my PH, but is douching the way to go or should I just leave it out?
    Folic acid is “a must” - clearly, but I’m confused about DHA. I’m almost fearful of trying to conceive without it. Being polycystic would a fish oil or an omega supplement throw my sway out of wack? ( I’ve not eaten meat in so long. I wouldn’t want to undo the work I’ve done, but again that doubt creeps up.) From what I’ve read, seaweed is the only viable alternative to a plant based DHA. Anyone try this?

    I intend to head over to the “how we made boys” because I was eating the blue diet to a tee when I conceived my son. 😂

    Something interesting about me: my field of study was embryology at one point, currently a biochemist turned sahm. That said, my husband finds my trust in any of “this” almost amusing; he supports me trying, but is super skeptical. The more I read, the more parallels I see confirming credibility to some theories supported on this site. I figured since it’s my heart’s desire, why not give it my all? Ya know!

    That’s me in a nutshell. Feel free to link some must reads for me since there is a vast amount of information here.

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    Hi again! I answered this in your other thread!
    !!! Questions?? Check out the NEW and improved Complete Index !!!

    LOOKING FOR YOUR SWAY PLAN? Have you checked the coaching forum? It will be posted in the same place your questionnaire is!

    LE Diet Ideas Threads: and here:

    LE Diet PCOS idea thread here:


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