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    Last baby- Pink sway (help needed)

    Hi y’all!
    Happy to be here! ( Joined some time ago, but just got around to my intro. I thought I was in a good place, but I’m having doubts.)
    I’m a mama to a 20 mth old boy and will be swaying for a girl here soon for our final babe. I’ve put a lot of my sway into motion over the last 10 months: I’ve lost 45 lbs, became a vegetarian in April of 2020 and really incorporated daily exercise. Oh and I’m diagnosed PCOS, likely to start trials with clomid in February (both continual Metformin and a few rounds clomid were needed for my first pregnancy).
    Still trying to refine my diet.

    At first, I had decidedly opted out of buying a diet plan; I didn’t want to hyper-obsess. I’m not so sure that’s the right choice.
    I honestly just need some camaraderie and perhaps a bit more direction. 😔

    On the fence about some parts of my sway:

    Should I add in a daily baby aspirin?
    I’ve monitored my PH, but is douching the way to go or should I just leave it out?
    Folic acid is “a must” - clearly, but I’m confused about DHA. I’m almost fearful of trying to conceive without it. Being polycystic would a fish oil or an omega supplement throw my sway out of wack? ( I’ve not eaten meat in so long. I wouldn’t want to undo the work I’ve done, but again that doubt creeps up.) From what I’ve read, seaweed is the only viable alternative to a plant based DHA. Anyone try this?

    I intend to head over to the “how we made boys” because I was eating the blue diet to a tee when I conceived my son. 😂

    Something interesting about me: my field of study was embryology at one point, currently a biochemist turned sahm. That said, my husband finds my trust in any of “this” almost amusing; he supports me trying, but is super skeptical. The more I read, the more parallels I see confirming credibility to some theories supported on this site. I figured since it’s my heart’s desire, why not give it my all? Ya know!

    That’s me in a nutshell. Feel free to link some must reads for me since there is a vast amount of information here.

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    Hi again! I answered this in your other thread!
    !!! Questions?? Check out the NEW and improved Complete Index !!!

    If you appreciate my help with your sway plan, please consider a donation:

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