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    Love Another one from IG, ttc a boy after four girls!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a 31 year old mother of four girls. My youngest will be 1 y/o in a couple of weeks.

    My last two daughters were both failed ingender sways (well, I don't like to call them failed bc I had my beautiful daughters and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world but you know what I mean lol, I was trying so hard for a boy). I did the 7 sway factors and followed everything I should according to IG, I really put my heart and soul into it both times. It was hard doing it all and then hear girl at the 20 weeks scan, two times. I don't believe in IG-swaying anymore and I could never ever do all of that once again for months, almost a year, and then fail again. I rather let faith decide over doing another round of their stuff.

    I'm really happy I've found this place, looking forward to do my research and start all over again. I feel this will be my best chance since IG sways obviously doesn't work for me lol.

    I've been reading a lot in here for the past few months and decided to become a member a few weeks ago.

    My plan now is to to follow the HE diet (will deffo buy the mealplans), and try for a baby boy next year. I want to read all the stuff in here and do some more research before I sway (omg attomic, you are truly a star gathering all this information!).


    (And sorry for my writing ladies, my first language is not english).
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    Hi and welcome!!!

    I'm so happy you found us and happy to help however I can. If you want, go over your previous sways with me and I'll tell you how I would tweak that moving forward!! And let me know if you have any questions!
    !!! Questions?? Check out the NEW and improved Complete Index !!!

    If you appreciate my help with your sway plan, please consider a donation:

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