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    Back again possibly for gentle sway #2 and a few questions

    Hi Atomic,

    I swayed pink for my second child back in 2018/19. I ran for an hour a day, 6 days a week, did the LE diet, and one attempt one day before O. I conceived my beautiful son and am so happy I got him and not a 'pink one'!

    We are talking about a third child and I am wondering if I should sway, only because

    1. I LOVE having boys, and part of me thinks I'll be a bit sad about no longer being a boy-only Mum if we get a girl. Girls also start to look like really hard work after having boys (haha!)
    2. I had very bad GD after my sway (I put everything into it and had read so much etc), and that really shook me. If I do sway it will have to be super subtle / fit in with my regular life / feel 'invisible'.

    My question is: Can I just do LE diet by adding the nutritional requirements into My Fitness Pal and following that? There is SO much info here on which foods, which supplements, which brands of crackers etc etc and I know last time I went down the rabbit hole and it did my head in. I'd like to just keep tracking my calories the way I already do on My Fitness Pal, and I never eat breakfast now anyway. It tracks carbs, protein, sodium etc.

    I added the nutrient requirements into My Fitness Pal based on the "LE Diet Nutshell Version" thread.

    In addition I can do cardio 5 x a week, one hour sessions, trekking or running or walking. One attempt at ovulation... does that sound like a decent 'sway'?

    I also can't access the TTC pink immediate download thread... is there any way you can send that document to me? I've paid for a subscription but still can't access it.

    Many thanks in advance,

    C x

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    I'm going to answer your swaying questions in your other thread, but just in case others are wondering, the plans DO NOT come with the Dream Membership. Plans are more expensive than the Dream Memberships are. So when people get Dream Memberships, they sometimes get confused by not being able to access the Sway Plans, but they're two separate items.

    Also, NO ONE needs to use any brands or anything recommended on here. People fall into two camps, one camp strongly desires brands and the other doesn't. So I'm between a bit of a rock and a hard place because no one is ever happy - the people who want me to recommend specific products aren't happy if I don't, and then others get frustrated thinking they need certain things when that isn't necessary.

    The truth is all you need to do is follow the LIMITS of the day. That's it. No magic foods and absolutely 1000% no one needs to use any specific brands EVER.
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