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He’s no longer a baby....... he’s 4 now lol !!. I still treat him like a baby though as he will probably be my last as we’ve been TTC over 12 months and no joy!.
Anyway, good luck and I’ll keep an eye out for your update. Xx
Don't give up Dolly. Prior to this pregnancy, the last time I was pregnant (as you can see from looking at my signature) was May 2016 and that was a chemical pregnancy as didn't last long at all. So it took me 2 years and 4 months to get pregnant with what I hope is a good egg. I vomited this morning so things are still looking good. 10 weeks 4 days today. I am so excited at the prospect of experiencing pregnancy and childbirth and breastfeeding and all those other milestones that I'm determined to just savour and cherish every moment. Your baby is 4? My baby is 6 and is a little babyish still as I had though he was my last. LOL! Keep the faith and keep trying and hopefully you'll get your baby girl. xx