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  1. oh how embarrassing, meant to send privately.. see rest by PM!
  2. [NOTE! Sending PM in 2 separate notes bc system won't allow the whole length!)
    Excited for your PUPO-ness, hope you're enjoying it. In the meantime, hoping and praying for good news!!!!!!!!! I'll be quietly stalking!

    I am awed by your resilience and patience and I recognize I am going to need some of the same since I am going the batching route. I am wondering how you reached the specific number of XXs you were comfortable w/banking. Your case may be a bit different than mine (for my particular pgd package, I am incented to bank before FET also bc once I have a FET, I have to pay for a new package, until then, it's basically unlimited (not really, bc the other constraint I face is insurance is covering 3 cycles or 2 ER and 2 ET). Granted, I may ultimately have to pay for a transfer or 2 on my own but we're only doing SET and don't think we can handle much more than paying outright for a couple transfer attempts in addition to the initial pgd package.

    {to be continued!)
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