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I am at 21 weeks and the gender is confirmed girl.


My husband is 41 years old. He rides his bike 30min 3-4x per week on leisure rides.

I am 33 years old and we eat a healthy diet with lots of veg. Meat and dairy is consumed a couple times per week as a habit. We are coffee drinkers, but no drugs or alcohol ever.

Ladies, I went insane stalking these threads. I will tell you that
I started losing weight on a 1700 cal diet (netting after exercise) and 5-6 hours of exercise per week. I used an app to help me count calories. I did high carb and high veg. Almost completely vegetarian with cheats 1x to 2x per week. I sometimes cheated and binged during the weekends. BUT for the entire month, I would net 1700cal per day. Some days I would exercise a lot. Other days, very little or not at all. But the neted calories is the most important part, I think.

In March 2018 I was 122 pounds and then I went down to 111lbs in June 2018. I am 5 feet, 7 inches so I was underweight (17.4 BMI) when I tried my attempt on June 9th. I never got a positive OPK that cycle at that time. I never ovulated and I lost my cycle for 40 days!

I had never been late in my life, so this was incredible. I never got a positive pregnancy test, but I was convinced I was pregnant and I booked a gyno appointment and scan, convinced I was having a baby and that the hormones were just undetectable (I took over 7 pregnancy tests and got BFN). I skipped a period for June thinking "this is it".

I really believed I was pregnant because I got the white discharge on my period days and it was crumbly textured. In retrospect, my body was rebounding and was regaining the weight.

I rebounded to 122 pounds.

Mid-July I started spotting I was so pissed at myself for thinking I was pregnant when I had just lost my period and stopped ovulating. I had created a dangerous situation. I had lost weight too rapidly and rendered myself infertile. I went into panic mode.

In the end, I went back to my old diet with a regular consumption of calories (vegetarian heavy) with lots of vegetables and limited dairy and meats. I was a bit more conscious of what I was eating and stuck to high carb, low meat. I drank loads of coffee (5 per day sometimes when I was at my craziest) and I skipped breakfast 5 out of 7 days. If I had "breakfast" it was around 11am.

I was super stressed out due to family issues for about a month straight (this was over a month before conception). I stress easily and run myself pretty ragged emotionally at times.

To get my period back, I dropped exercise, ate regularly and just did leisure walks a few times per week.

Here is a timeline:

-March, April, May: 1700cal diet on average using an app to track calories. Plus 6 hours of exercise per week (CARDIO HIIT exercises and long walks when my knees hurt) (I dropped 11 pounds on a small frame. I went down to 111 pounds and 5 foot, 7 inches, BMI 17.4 and underweight)
-June 1 attempt but no pos opk because I lost my cycle for 40 days due to being underweight
-lost period from June to July
-mid-July period came back. Spotting and then a FLOOD! (we attempted once this month, but it was a shot in the dark as we had no idea when I was ovulating or IF I was)...
-August went on vacation with family and ate lots of delicious Greek food! No calorie restriction and just leisure walking for enjoyment 3x per week max. (I was trying to get my period back and it was still irregular for the first time in my life)(we did one attempt without using an OPK but I am a late ovulator and we didn't know when I was supposed to ovulate)
-September stressed out with family (I felt my body coming back)(no exercise)
-October 28th - 1 attempt 8 hours after first pos opk AND my husband made sure he did CFR at least 12x in total the week before the one and only attempt. My husband does not have a high sex drive, he eats limited quantities of meat and he has a small frame. After sex, we STAYED attached for as long as we could. Meaning: he did not pull out right away. I inverted my pelvis over my head for about an hour and we watched a movie with me in that position. I kept myself warm and wore warm socks and clothes and drank warm teas for a few days after.
-October 29th, exactly 24 hours after the first attempt, I literally felt myself ovulate
-Nov 7th:I felt as if my stomach was on a roller coaster. I felt as if I were "dropping" at least ten times in one day. You know the feeling you get when you jump in an elevator? I believe that was implantation.
-Nov 9th positive preg test. I conceived while NOT on an LE diet and at my pre-diet weight.

So: 3 months of hardcore LE dieting and exercise = 11 pound weight loss
lost period 40 days
irregular period
rebound to pre-diet weight.
dropped diet and exercise (but still limited meat and dairy as a lifestyle)
1 attempt
pregnant at around 19.6 BMI (125 pounds and 5 feet, 7 inches)

The things I think helped the most were the hardcore diet and exercise, becoming infertile and losing ovulation, rebounding, one attempt at pos OPK and CFR 12x the week before the attempt.


Thank you for this wonderful site, Atomic. If I can make a donation or promote you in some way, please let me know how!



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