Thanks so much for this site! The information and dedication of keeping this running is amazing, so thank you for all this valuable information!

I don't want to take up too much of your time; I can see how busy you all are, answering everyone. I would love someone to review our attempt and provide feedback, though, just in case we don't conceive this time round and we need to try again next month.

I'm new at the idea of swaying. 2 daughters previously from doctor telling us just be intimate from day 10 from first day of period. So I think we may have only dtd the once on day 10 both time.

Would love a boy next. Had a school mum tell me get ovulation stix and be intimate within 24hrs ovulation. Researching myself, I came upon your information, debunking shettles!

I have PCOS as I'm insulin resistant, but never have problems with my AF, just that before kids it was 28 days, now it's 26, but consistent always. I'm naturally mostly HE diet. I HIIT exercise and weight lift but am overweight still. I'm not doing anything special diet wise as I didn't realise that was a factor.

My husband hasn't got an everyday sex drive but gets crazy after my period (like he senses I'm going to ovulate). But I usually have always wanted it more than him. But he has been so keen and supportive preparing to be pregnant again! I have an amazing DH.

I'm just worried it's affected our blue sway. We dtd probably 2 days before my AF (so hubby absteined all that time Through af). I used the clear blue digital and we dtd preotected 2 days before I got the solid smiley face when my ewcm was excellent and im afraid we missed an opportunity there. When we got a solid smiley (which is meant to be day before o) we dtd that night then the next night. Hubby was too tired to dtd the morning due to leaving for work at 4am.
Bd 2 days before AF protected (not to conceive of course, just to show abstain pattern of DH)
Bd day 10 protected where this was the best ewcm
Positive solid smiley face day 12 8am (to indicate ovulation will occur next 12 to 48 hours) and BD 8pm that night unprotected
Solid smiley stays on day 13, indicating actual day of ovulation for this test type. Hubby leaves for work 4am -couldn't handle BD again but we BD 8pm that night again, unprotected. My ewcm was still good but not as extreme as day 10/11.
He was too tired to fit in another this morning (day 14) with still ewcm, just in case I ovulated late.

So only 2 attempts.

I didn't know about preeseed until now, we have never needed lube, so I didn't get a chance to use any. I did keep my legs and hips up after for 40mins. I always orgasm and did with both attempts.

Have we missed a blue sway, stacking the odds the other way? Or do we still have a good chance?

Thanks for your time