Licorice root got terrible results and we have totally dropped it. We got more boys than girls on it (but blue swayers plese don't take it either)

I can't tell you without a sway plan if you should take Zyrtec or not. I don't have enough info about your health. We've all but dropped antihistaine as they didn't work.

It's unlikely edamame and miso are concentraated enough to do anything for a sway but it's fine if you want to try it (if you have investigated and determined if soy is safe for him, that is.) I prefer ladies keep soy to 2-3 days a week as there is mixed evidence about how it sways.

Moms who have boys tend to have more anxiety. Despite us all being plagued in that way we still get good results with swaying. What I do know is this - pressuring yourself to calm down is a surefire way to make yourself more upset than ever, because then in addition to anxiety you're thinking "OMG OMG I GOTTA CALM DOWN OR MY SWAY WILL FAIL!" So please don't dwell on trying to stay calm or relax or change your personality - you're going to feel anxious now and then.