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    Hi! So I have switched to folate. I think somehow maybe we're missing our window. Or every four days this last month was the day before my positive OPK and then didn't BD until 5 days later because of a trip and AF arrived and just ended. I used a fertility monitor this past month as well and only had high days no peak days but had a positive on my sticks from Amazon past 3 months around day 14 or 15. Do you think DHs sperm could be not living g long enough since we have BD always the day before the positive OPK but have not gotten Prego. Also the past few weeks have been out at the pool a ton with my boys swimming and am worried about a ton of Vitamin D swaying boy instead of girl. Should I wait until Fall or winter to continue trying? Or does it not matter all that much you think? My 36 year old DH also works outside. He has been taking OLE in pill form for the past few months (he does miss some days by accident) we have lowered red meat I now drink coffee wait until at least 11 to eat but have some days where I get more calleries then I should. I have cut out a lot of red meat but we sometimes still eat it. I do drink at least 1 or 2 diet drinks a day now a days and have lost weight. I'm doing at least 4 days of excercise a week. Past two weeks I have done Barre classes, yoga, high fit or just used our excersice bike I have been using at home past few months. Thanks

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    Well, some months just aren't THE month and it takes fully fertile couples doing nothing to sway and BD like bunnies an average of 3-6 months to conceive. So you can't always or even usually look at your BD pattern and say "ah-ha, here's the reason" because for all we know you had a perfectly timed attempt and then it just wasn't the month. Somethign wasn't right with sperm or egg or they didn't find each other or whatever.

    If you would like, you can do e4d and then add in another attempt at positive OPK. BD before positive OPK is not the best chance of conception; normally with e4d though you'll end up from random chance having it fall on different days. So go ahead and add in the attempt at pos OPK to up odds of conception.

    No I do not want you to skip months. Vit. D through sunlight works different than supplements. Your body only absorbs a little and then shuts down the Vit. D makers LOL..
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