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    Symptoms different for girl

    Hi all,
    I am so so excited. I have just found out on a harmony test that I am having a girl after 3 boys.
    Still can't believe it and don't think I will until she's actually here.
    Anyway.....I scoured the internet looking for symptoms etc while I was waiting to find out so I said I'd post some of my different symptoms here

    3 boys:
    No morning sickness/nausea - none whatsoever
    Very few symptoms.
    Some bloating on 3rd boy

    nausea from 5 weeks until 9 weeks - never vomited just felt nauseous lots of the day
    Definitely put on weight differently - on my bum and hips as well as my tummy which I found very noticeable
    Boobs were very sensitive - more than the boys
    Completely went off coffee which I usual love.

    Anyway......might be some help to somebody who is in the same boat as I was.

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    Huge congrats!

    I understand you think you had different symptoms between genders, and maybe you did. But the vast majority of people cannot tell the gender of their baby based on symptoms OR whether their symptoms were different between boys and girls, and so even though I know you're trying to help and I do appreciate it, I have to come along and let everyone know that unfortunately symptoms are not at all reliable for predicting gender.

    I regularly, regularly have people who spend weeks in despair over symptoms only to find out they are having their DG anyway, and others who spend weeks elated only to have their hopes dashed. Symptoms have just not been reliable and a lot of people have different symtpoms for the same gender, and similar symptoms for different genders. It's just not a good thing for those of us with gender desire to dwell on much.

    Weight gain changes as we age and has nothing whatsoever to do with our baby's gender, for example.

    As for me, I had the most similar pregnancies with my second boy and my girl. Very little nausea with those two. My other three, all boys, were as different from each other and from the other two as night, day, and a crocodile, LOL.

    So happy for you that you're having a girl after 3 boys!
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