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    Dude, where's my sway plan?

    It takes me, atomic, 7-10 days to get your plan to you. Then it is reformatted by tech support and posted in your own private forum and it can take them a couple days to get that posted. While I try really hard to get the plans done fast, it's largely my kids' needs that determine when I can get them done. I need uninterrupted time to do the plans without making errors, and that isn't always possible unless my kids are sleeping or I have made some arrangements for them to be busy for a few hours. I can easily answer questions in the forums with the kids running around, so that is why you'll sometimes see me answering q's in the forum when you'd like your plan.

    If you need a plan faster, we do have the rush option or you can get a standardized plan for the same price as the custom one.

    I need you to fill out the questionnaire that comes with your plan when you pay. If you don't do this, I cannot make your plan regardless of when you bought it. It is also impossible for me to keep track of everyone by user name. If we talked 3 weeks ago about you buying a plan but you have never filled out your questionnaire, and in the meantime I have gotten 3 other questionnaires from people who have very similar user names (like blue mommy 34 and blue dream mommy 43, or pink princess and pink dream princess) I cannot keep track of who says they bought a plan and track you down to make sure you fill out the questionnaire. A lot of people also tell me they are buying or bought a plan when they don't/didn't to get me to answer questions for them (I seriously answer all questions even in those who never buy anything so there is no need for any tomfoolery). So please be proactive in making sure that you find and fill out the questionnaires that come with your sway plan so I can get your plan to you as quickly as possible.

    Thank you!!!
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    LOOKING FOR YOUR SWAY PLAN? Have you checked the coaching forum? It will be posted in the same place your questionnaire is!

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