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    Embarrassed Help! My husband is basic! Semen has a ph of 9 or above. We have conceived 4 boys in a row!


    First time poster. We have conceived 4 boys in a row with a first or second attempt. We bd'd frequently through ovulation for the first 3 and both took prenatal multivitamins. In the past I have always eaten high salt and relatively high energy/nutrient (looking at it retrospectively). With our last ds we loosely swayed (didn't work) by bd-ing only once in the month (no O for me) which I believed worked out to be 1 day before or day of ovulation due to ovulating early that month - was temping. We bd on day 11.

    Unfortunately our first son past away in the perinatal period due to a random 1/million syndrome. I have been too afraid to go low nutrient during conception period since - up until now. After 3 very healthy boys (now 6, 5 and 1) I am less fearful of something going wrong again. I am ready to go as hard sway pink as my will power allows haha. This next baby will absolutely be our last and we would dearly like to conceive a girl. I have been taking Calcium and Magnesium supplements for a few months. I have been attempting to eat lower salt and potassium than I otherwise normally would. I am not taking multivitamins (I will start taking folate a few days after conception). We are planning to bd in a couple of days time which I expect to be about 2-3 days prior to ovulation. I have charted temps the last few months and used the Maybe Baby microscope for saliva. I am also using LH test strips this month. I am trying to exercise for an hour a day and go low nutrient - most particularly these last few days (I really struggle with self control in the food stakes). I am already quite skinny though so I think I've used that as an excuse in my mind. I have switched from regular tea to coffee and yesterday I used Replens. I have been trying to use the power of my mind/law of attraction/meditation, negative ions and magnesium salt baths too lol. My husband is releasing (independently) everyday (although apparently this is nothing new for him and was probably achieved with the other babies too haha). He is a very tall (almost 7ft), alpha type looking man. I suspect high in testosterone. I am afraid he only makes boy sperm or these are the only ones I accept from him.

    I tested my hubby's semen ph yesterday and again today. Both times it was almost immediately a 9 or above. He is a heavy coffee drinker already however I have asked him to go easy on the coffee the day before our one attempt and not at all until afterwards on the day of our attempt. I think my cm is about a ph of 5 the few times I've tested. Although I find it hard to get a good sample. I wouldn't say I have it in excess however we have not had trouble conceiving so who knows.

    My question is - would you still attempt to conceive a girl in my situation with your hubby's semen at a ph of 9? Should we wait to conceive and try and lower it first? Would you bd in 2 days time? Is there anything extra you might suggest given my sway attempt details above? I love my boys and would love another but I'm afraid I'm going to conceive my fifth boy!

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    pH doesn't work. I am 100% convinced of it based on 12 years of experience seeing people getting tons of pH opposites going every which way. I have a long in depth explanation of why that is here:

    But, if you're worried about pH, that's fine. It's your sway your way. The truth of pH is that because the tube that both urine and semen come from is the same, the stuff he eats and drinks beforehand can have a massive effect on his pH. so you might want to have him drink something very acidic and test then, to see if it goes down (and prove to yourself it's really not him per se)

    Additionally, high pH can be caused by mild prostate infections that can actually kill off lots of sperm and may even sway pink (though of course he would want to have that treated)

    For reasons we don't understand and thru mechanisms we do not know, tall people have more sons. We don't know why that is, but the endgame is that it's likely due to the genetic advantage of height. This is not impossible to overcome though because if it was impossible to have tall daughters we'd never have a WNBA, LOL.

    He does NOT make only male sperm. It is impossible for that to be the case. men are made of XY cells that divide in the testicles to make half X and half Y sperm, and while there may be some difference between X and Y we aren't aware of, the best science indicates that X and Y sperm are (by virtue of having been the same cell for most of their development) really pretty much the same except for that small amount of difference in DNA.

    I would go ahead and add in your folate NOW. It's the only nutrient shown to prevent birth defects prior to conception. No need to wait till BFP for that, we all take that in advance and our good results are in people who were taking it.

    How low is low nutrient?? Are you sticking in the limits of the LE Diet?? it is not enough just to eat less, because many times people cut back TOO far and end up delaying or even stopping ovulation. There's no benefit to cutting back drastically right before ovulation, because it's too late to help at that point (we see best results with 12+ weeks on diet even when people are more relaxed, and 2-4 weeks did not get good results even when people were very strict. So given that, it's just not likely to be true that a few days of being strict on diet really accomplishes much (other than to make your body think "huh maybe I better not ovulate right now!")

    If you're already very thin I don't want you to lose any more weight or to get super restrictive on diet.

    Before I answer your poll, can you tell me more about your diet?? Calories, protein, fat, how long you've been on it, your BMI if you think that would be appropriate?

    I would certainly not delay on the basis of hubby's pH personally, but that's easy for me to say after getting my 4th boy with pH of 4.5-5 that didn't go up after intercourse, and in fact didn't rise till after I was already pregnant! i understand it might not be so easy for you to give up on that and in that case, ask yourself this - will you live 1000 lifetimes of regret if you try and get an opposite?? If so, better to wait, but do keep in mind that in waiting, for all you know you're skipping a pink friendly month for a month that will be less pink friendly. We can't predict the future, and swaying is like an iceberg anyway, the stuff we "see" is so much smaller than the huge stuff we don't know about under the water!
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