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    Crazy overindulgence around OV (and got PG!)

    Hey everyone,

    Weird question but I canít get it out of my mind so I thought Iíd put it out there. I (lightly) swayed for a girl and ended up getting pregnant on our first cycle. Iíd been pretty good at the LE diet (especially cutting down on meat) but for some reason, around ovulation (our one attempt was 1-3 days prior to OV) I ended up eating sausages at a BBQ, a Greek pub lunch (delicious pork skewers and chips and loads of feta and other loveliness that I couldnít help stuffing myself with) and then a massive lamb roast that my dad made! And loads of pudding and everything 😩 Not telling people I was swaying partly meant I felt I had to eat everything, and also I think I just got carried away with the early summer vibes and excitement of potentially being pregnant. Is my massive overindulgence likely to have affected my sway? I only have myself to blame, of course... Iím just a bit down about it. Iím now 9 weeks and feeling very guilty for not feeling connected to the little one cooking in there!


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    If anything we did for a couple days around ovulation mattered, i'd only have you guys do diet for a couple days around ovulation!

    Our results have shown very, very clearly that 2-4 weeks (that's weeks! not days!) did not get good results at all, even though the people who dieted such a short time were virtually all incredibly strict. Our results improve gradually over time till 12 weeks or more at which point they've stayed high, even though most of those people on diet 12 weeks or more did occasionally cheat (since that is a mandatory part of the LE Diet)! So given that, there is NO WAY that you going off diet for such a short time made any difference at all.

    Plus, many many many times when people go back and calculate the nutrients in what they actually ate, they're stunned to find it really wasn't anywhere near as high as they thought it had been. And when you eat a lot all at once your body doesn't absorb the most nutrients from it anyway, most of it passes right through undigested. So I would not stress about it at all, it doesn't matter in the slightest.
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    with my first sway i was bridesmaid at my friends wedding about 3 weeks before i got bfp, safe to say the 2 days i was there were not LE friendly (the main course of her wedding meal was steak) but i wasnt going to even think about swaying while i was there, in the end that bfp was a girl so those few days of eating and drinking with everyone else and not even thinking about it cant have undone much.
    I will be honest and say i ate more while i was there than i had in a very long time and also ate foods i had either not had before or hadn't touched in years (steak, pate, eating breakfast etc..) but looking back i think tossing the sway out the window for 2 days and not giving it a second thought was better than having to work out what i could/couldnt eat while being asked why i wasnt eating etc, and maybe my body needed those extra nutrients to make that bfp happen.
    id not worry at all, as Atomic said cheats are part of the diet you cant stop living just because your swaying, have a nice day or few days with family or at a wedding or on holiday etc your sway can be picked up again after (those who put their lives on hold to micro-manage their sway do seem to end up with more opposites)
    everything crossed for this to be a baby girl for you
    now 6blue3pink after 3 GD sways xx

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