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  1. I think there are 2 main "fertility clinics" in...

    I think there are 2 main "fertility clinics" in Charlotte.
    REACH or Women's Institute.
    Women's Institute is at CMC Main in Charlotte proper, they may have a location in Concord as well.
    If you are...
  2. TTC With Out First Sept 2018... Blue Sway at 35

    Hi all!

    My husband and I will both be 35 in September, which is when we'd like to start TTC for our first child. I realize we have big enough hurdles with me being 35 that we probably shouldn't...
  3. TTC 1st child in 2018, really hoping for blue... is that awful?

    Hi there! I recently got married and since DH and I are both 34, we are talking about TTC in 2018.
    While DH and I dated, we realized that we both want sons. Ironically, I think he would be suchhhh...
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