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    Resiquimod sorting?

    From a scientific standpoint, I was curious if you know anyone who has tried resiquimod sorting and what their results were. (Iím not intending to try this-but was curious what the larger implications are if the same thing holds true for humans as it does for mice. It would support much of what you talk about here.

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    Well, it's a very new idea (the study was published in August and you guys can read it here: and has been done only in mice. It is not something that any IVF clinic is doing to my knowledge (nor would any reputable clinic do this without a lot more testing!) It's one of those things just like the glucose levels that is very intriguing, but we have to wait and wait for the researchers to do followup studies and put the theoretical ideas to practical use.

    An easy to follow article about this is here:

    Additionally, for our purposes, we have to keep in mind that this was with IVF. For swaying purposes, most people would want to have IUI instead, and we don't know that the sperm treated in this fashion would act the same and even be able to fertilize an egg. That was the problem, in the end, with Microsort - yes, the sorting mechanism did work, but then the sperm was "tired" and couldn't go on to fertilize the egg (not to mention that IUI does produce lower rates of conception anyway). So the resiquimod could potentially cause the same sort of issues - people wasting thousands of dollars on IUI rounds and not getting pregnant and it may not really help those of us who want to avoid IVF as much as we'd like to see.

    Plus, after all that, the gender ratio was far from 100% changed - 83% male, 81% females so it would be something people would have to expend a lot of money for, possibly not get pregnant for some time and end up with an opposite anyway.

    Long story short, it's a cool idea, intriguing research, but we're some distance from anyone being able to use this to sway gender and it sadly still isnt the magic bullet we're looking for.

    Fun question! Thanks for bringing it up!
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