Hi everyone,

I am new to trying to sway blue, I have 1 daughter, and as I only want 2 children, it would be great to have a little boy next - however I think I also need to (and want to) try and get healthier and fitter before TTC anything. My question is would you advice that I 1) focus on getting fit, and then spend another couple of weeks preparing for the sway then TTC. Or is it ok to 2) make my life style changes as below (which I hope are both blue sway friendly and healthy), and then TTC? Also, in general how long should I make sway friendly changes before TTC? Is it possible to focus on fitness and sway blue?

I have gained lots of weight since I had my daughter (20kg), and this puts my BMI at overweight. I also developed a slight heart complication following birth, which I have been given the all clear for (there is technically no issue) but I know I really lack cardiac fitness. I am keen to improve my cardiac function before attempting another baby. I remember well how I struggled in the last pregnancy (and I was 3 years younger and 20kg lighter).

As part of trying to get healthier, I have also joined a gym, I try and do 2 days cardio (45min/day) and 2 days strength training.

Some of the changes I have made to improve my diet are: Cutting out junk food, and sugary foods (cakes, puddings, fizzy drinks, crisps..).

At the moment my diet looks like:
Breakfast: Oates (with almond nuts, walnuts, flax seed, chia seed, coconut flakes, mixed in honey and coconut oil)...I usually have this with full fat cow milk or greek style yoghurt.
Lunch: eggs or tuna sandwich or a salad with banana, spinach and lettuce.
dinner: 3x a week we have vegge curry (various green vegg), and usually 2 sides things like plantains, avvo, peas, or salad, spinach, mashed potatoes, etc + Rice.
3x a week we have red meat and 1x white fish or tuna

I snack on bananas (sometimes dipped with almond butter) and medjool dates.
I drink 1-2 cups of lemon water in the morning.

I am black and likely vitamin D deficient so I take vitamin D spray, as does husband. I also take pregnacare conception (which I do not like but cannot seem to find anything else), and iron supplements spatone.

thanks in advance x