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    Covid vaccine - what are your thoughts about having it whilst trying to concieve and swaying?

    Hi, i'm not planning to have the covid vaccine yet due to trying to concieve and risk of side affects. My husband is due to have his 2nd jab of Pfizer soon. What are you and your husband planning to do about the vaccine?

    I am worried about the impact of it for even my husband (hope it doesn't affect his sperm), also worried if having the jab can affect the sway? What are your thoughts do you think it could affect swaying?

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    I’m not sure about how it would affect a sway, but my husband and I are not getting the covid shot. Survival rates for covid are high (especially for our demographic), we are not in a high risk age bracket, nor do we have medical conditions that are most at risk for complications. My doctor also advised me against the shot due to my history of a blood clotting disorder and reports of the shot affecting clotting factors (all brands and to include a severe decrease or absence of platelets, blood clots, etc.). I have other reasons for not choosing to get one as well, but our situation is not the same as others’, so for some it might be a better option versus not. I’m definitely not an anti-vaxxer, but there were reasons why this shot is not a good option for us now. Maybe in a few years when there is long-term data available we will decide otherwise.
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    I don't have any data about how the shot affects your sway and none of us know for sure about safety. I'm supportive of you guys making the decision either way.

    Just like Bunny, I have been advised by my doc not to have the shot yet because I have an autoimmune blood clotting disorder. I'm at a very low risk of getting the disease because I'm quite isolated (basically I'm in quarantine all the time anyway, LOL), though I am at higher risk than you lovely ladies because I'm older than you. If I lived in town and had to work outside the home I'd make a different choice but that's what made sense to me.
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