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    No, he needs to continue to release every 2-4 days because that encourages his body to make more sperm and keeps it healthier. Regular release encourages sperm production.

    People's results vary based on lots of things. Some men can just shake off things that harm sperm and other guys are very seriously affected. I can't give a blanket recommendation. Some people decide to skip the month. Others don't. We have seen both boys and girls conceived after fevers so while I do think it may sway a bit pink, it's no magic bullet.

    1 sperm is not needed for fertilization. It actually takes dozens of sperm to make it through the eggshell, and only the fastest/best one makes it. One alone cannot get the task done (without the help of a scientist injecting sperm into an egg, of course). Plus, it takes the actions of millions upon millions of sperm to ensure that a few dozen actually ever get to the egg. That is why men make hundreds of millions of sperm in one shot - because that many are needed.

    Now, as to how/why it sways, the truth is, we do not know. But time and again, in various studies and in our anecdotal experience, men with lower sperm count for a variety of different reasons have more daughters than is statistically expected. So our assumption is, even tho we do not know the reason why, fewer sperm = more girls.

    I have already given you guys everything to up sperm count. I don't hold stuff back to be revealed at the last moment, I include the sperm-boosting vitamins that work in the sway right from the start. Nothing he takes now would have been in time to help anyway. Just have him continue releasing regularly and the chances are great that he's fine and did not suffer any ill effects from 2 days of a fever.
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    Thanks Atomic for your reply will see how it goes

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