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    Clomid/Femara for Blue/boy sway

    Hi Atomic,

    I have been TTC now for my boy for a long time and it is just not happening (I have 2 girls and 1 boy, Iím 32 years old). So I went to two doctors, one prescribed Clomid, and the other prescribed Femara. I remember you mentioned those two slightly sway pink, so

    A) which one you recommend that I take Clomid or Femara?
    B) is there any specific way I should take them in a way that would not ruin my blue sway?
    C) you mentioned before Clomid and Femara increase chances of twins, is there a specific way i should take them to help me produce more than one egg?

    Thank you so much

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    It's only about 3-5% absolute max and if you sway blue you can mitigate that. Many, many people will swear to me that Clomid absolutely MUST sway blue because they only know people who conceived boys on it!

    a) I have no preference. I do feel that for women under 40ish we ~may~ see slightly better rates of twinning on Clomid so that may be a better option if you want twins.

    b)Just be sure you're swaying with diet, exercise, and number of attempts. Take as your doctor directs you.

    c)I would use Clomid instead if you want twins, Femara ~may~ have slightly lower rates of twinning. I'd use it only at the dose your doc suggests, and CD 3-7 is said by some to be better for twins than later. Taking too much can actually make you have higher order multiples so you don't want to increase the dose.
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