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    Is this intercourse pattern ok for Blue Sway?

    Hi Atomic,

    We usually try to get in 3 attempts between the day of positive OPK and the next day. But this month it happened this way:
    November 15 at night
    November 16 at night (got a positive OPK in the morning)
    November 17 at night

    So basically we got our three attempts the night before positive OPK, the night of positive OPK, and the night after positive OPK.

    I get a positive OPK almost every time on the same CD so I can estimate when the day before positive OPK will be, and it seems that this is the pattern we will be more likely to commit to in the future months if I don’t conceive this month. Is this ok? Or should I try harder to go back to the old pattern of 3 attempts between positive OPK and day after?
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    Yes that's FABULOUS. I would love to have more blue swayers do that, but many of them won't give up the Shettles timing and also because some just don't have predictability like that. We have the "3 at positive OPK" for the people who want to stick with Shettles or who can't figure out their cycle otherwise.

    By all means continue with that.

    The only caveat I will give is that if you are worried your husband will "run out of steam" be sure that if you don't get a positive that you were expecting, then keep doing every 2-4 days in that case. What can happen occasionally is that people trying for this timing may find they have a delayed surge/ovulation. Then they end up having many days of sex in a row hoping every day that the surge will come that day. And their husband may actually get tired out by the time the egg shows. So this is best used with people who have pretty regular cycles, and keep in mind that even with regular cycles you can end up with delayed O any given month.
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