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    Alka Seltzer Gold

    Just wanting to hear some input about raising ph with Alka seltzer gold. My cm ph is about 4.5 right now. And when I check urine itís about 6.5. Should I try and raise it with the alka Seltzer? Going to attempt in January.

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    You should not be checking urine pH. Urine pH tells you nothing.

    What part of the cycle are you in? Your pH is naturally low at certain points in the cycle. Only around ovulation does it rise.

    We rarely use Alka-Seltzer Gold on here. We have not found that CM pH tells us anything about whose sways succeed and whose don't. I myself got a boy with pH of 4-5 range that never went up till I was already pregnant, and I have a full investigation of pH and why it probably doesn't work here:

    But, it's your sway, your way! Here are my directions on Alka Seltzer Gold:

    ALKA-SELTZER GOLD - Has baking soda and potassium which according to some theories of swaying, sways blue. If you choose to use ASG, do NOT use anything else with baking soda in it. It has a LOT of baking soda and too much baking soda can cause DEATH.

    I have a more involved essay on Boy-Friendly Beverages here:
    !!! Questions?? Check out the NEW and improved Complete Index !!!

    If you appreciate my help with your sway plan, please consider a donation:

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