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    How does 1 attempt sway girl?

    How does 1 attempt sway girl? What is the science behind it? Also do you bd when you get solid smiley?Thank you

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    We don't know why it works, only that it does. Here is how I know number of attempts sways.

    In the earliest days of the site no one had ever guessed that number of attempts could possibly sway. So we had people do all the various sway tactics (timing, frequency, pH, etc) all of which cut odds of conception hugely and then when people went 4-6 months without conceiving (which most did) we started adding attempts. This was the lowest success rates of the site. So very disappointing, but the one thing we found during that time is that those who had one attempt had 10-15% higher success rates than those who had 2 attempts and 30% higher success rates than those who had 3. EVEN when these people were doing super strict sways otherwise with all the various sway tactics, their results were still much, much worse

    At the same time we noticed that vitex, SP, antihistamine, timing (when done with more than one attempt), pH jellies, frequency patterns were getting about the same rate of success both for those who did them and those who didn't. This means that none of these things are actually even working!! So by adding attempts and relying on these things we were actually causing terrible results.

    Once I realized this we immediately changed it to put emphasis on the one attempt and move away from emphasising the other stuff and our success rates went up immediately and have stayed up ever since. I cannot draw any other conclusion than that one attempt sways, two attempts is better than three but worse than one, and three attempts sways strongly blue.

    So, even though it is possible to get a girl with 2 attempts or 3, I do still believe strongly that 1 attempt is the way to go at least to start with for most. Totally cool if you want to start off with more, you can still get a girl that way, but I don't think it's going to be the best results for most people.
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