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    How do you stick to LE when you have PMS?!

    I am really struggling! I've been on LE for about 8 weeks but from ovulation (at least when I assume I do - still figuring that out!) through to my period I turn into a raging hunger beast and want to eat everything in my path, especially really salty things and chocolate! I have eaten so much chocolate and I just can't stop, I'm so stressed that I'm completely undoing all the work I've done so far. How do you manage it? I have low calorie snacks available and alternatives but all I want is chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Arghhhh maybe I'm just not meant to have a girl I'm finding it so hard to not go back to my old habits.

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    There's nothing wrong with eating salty things or chocolate on LE (unless you're on the alternate PCOS-type diet, and even then you have some leeway.)

    I have a big long essay about this here but the key is, you think of what you really want - even if it isn't what you think is "allowed" and then you have what you're craving. Don't try to make it through "being good" because what happens is you end up purging on "pink friendly" foods (which, there really are no pink or blue friendly foods except fortified stuff like power bars) and exceed your limits eating stuff you didn't even want in the first place. Then you're unsatisfied and you've overeaten, and you think "oh screw it" and have all the stuff you had been craving, and a bunch of other stuff in addition, and try to make up for it by restricting yourself to Tic Tacs the next day. It sets up this binge purge cycle.

    All you need to do is eat what you want, the minimum amount of it, when you want it, before a hankering turns into a craving turns into "must have this now or else." If you go overboard, no biggie. Just enjoy it but don't give yourself leeway to then binge on everythign in the house thinking you'll start over the next day! You should start over the next day, but just on the regular LE Diet, don't cut back any farther on calories than you were to start with. Cheats are no big deal at all, all alloted for in the diet. You don't need to punish yourself, restrict yourself, starve yourself, etc. If you slip up, let it go, regroup, try again the next day.
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