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    We Gave Up and Got Pregnant

    We were TTC a girl for over a year. I admit I gave up on the LE diet. We were using clomid at one point for 6 months - but it didnít work. 2 months after stopping clomid, got pregnant. We also started with 1 Attempt at positive OPK. Added more attempts when that wasnít working. On my last cycle of clomid we tried SMEP but it didnít work. One attempt last month. Then this month we did attempt on CD10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. Ovulated on Day CD15 or 16. Positive pregnancy test at 6dpo.

    The only things that may have helped us:
    - DH on Lexapro
    - my vitamin D is low (11) actually didnít know until recently.
    - husband drinks alcohol every night
    - I donít exercise at all. Iím basically an atrophied pile of mush.
    - often skip breakfast
    - DH has medically low testosterone
    - DH had low sperm count
    - takes hot showers every night
    - wears tight underwear

    Things that didnít help:
    - High stress job
    - eat whatever, lots of carbs and sugars and fats and fast food if Iím being honest.
    - Iím not overweight or underweight. I feel the biggest Iíve been in my life but BMI is under 30 still.
    - lots of attempts around ovulation (all 4 days leading up to ovulation, ovulation, and day after ovulation).

    Things I donít know about:
    - my husband is overweight. Does that sway boy?
    - we TTC for over a year. Does that sway any direction?
    - my husbandís Lexapro makes finishing difficult so we basically used a cup method for all of our attempts. Does that sway boy, because itís not jump and dump? Or girl? Because sperm have to swim up?

    Seems like I failed the more important ones. Wish me luck.

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    I think you guys had a good sway. not only all the things you said were possibly working for you but also:

    Stress sways pink
    High carb and vegetable/transfat diet sways pink for many people
    Overweight hubby sways pink
    We have found couples who have a hard time getting pregnant (for no apparent reason) have more girls
    We have also found that more TBM babies like you're describing, with a cup, are girls (even with blue sways.)

    So there's a lot to like here! Tons of pink dust headed your way!
    !!! Questions?? Check out the NEW and improved Complete Index !!!

    LOOKING FOR YOUR SWAY PLAN? Have you checked the coaching forum? It will be posted in the same place your questionnaire is!

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