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    My TTC Pink Planned Sway - Please give input and advice

    I bought pregnitude. How often should I take it and how far in advance should it be taken?

    I am planning on making my DH take olive leaf and Cranberry.

    Should I make him drink peppermint tea? I thought tea swayed blue.

    I am thinking of also taking cranberry. I also have folate.

    I bought Rephresh. Should I just use a little after BD?

    I drink a lot of coffee so caffeine will be part of my sway. Iíve been advised to cut it in my fertile week. Thoughts?

    I will add aspartame to my diet. When should I? Is it something I need to do in advance?

    I plan on skipping breakfast starting a month or two out from TTC.

    I plan on cardio 60 mins plus 4 days a week. My husband will probably join me most days.

    Iím thinking of drinking and taking a warm bath together before bd.

    I plan on having one attempt and J & D after a 5 minutes. Is that too soon or too late for J &D?

    I think I will wait for a positive OPK for our 1 try unless you ladies think it is better to BD every 4 days.

    Please share your thoughts and advice about how I can make this sway stronger. I refuse to buy a microscope or make our BD too scientific as my husband will not go for that at all.

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    Are you doing le diet for recommended time? It’s most successful, rephresh isn’t needed cuts conception. Why would you cut caffeine? It’s a good girl swag factor I upped mine. No need for cranberry either only fiber before meals and folic atomic recommends, that’s all I take and did w my dd sway
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    Do you have any reason to think you need Pregnitude?? Do you have PCOS, moderate to severe insulin resistance, or have more than 50 lbs to spare?

    You don't give your husband OLE AND cranberry. It's one or the other. Not both. Taking both is not safe.

    Cranberry is not safe for women to take. I have never recommended it. It doesn't work at all and our results have proven it. It may even sway blue by adding nutrients.

    Definitely take folate!

    Peppermint tea hasn't worked. I am no longer using it for most people. But it's not the kind of "tea" that sways blue, that's the tea like Lipton sells, actual tea tea LOL.

    Use RepHresh every 3 days starting after your period ends and stopping 12-24 hours before your planned attempt. Using it after intercourse doesn't help because semen may have already got up in there, and if it didn't, it can also kill sperm if you use too much of it. Best to just have it in the VJ in advance. But it hasn't worked for us anyway, same number of people getting boys and girls with and without it.

    Advised by who to cut caffeine in your fertile week??? How much do you have?? Coffee or tea??

    Most people use aspartame 2-3 servings a day starting when they start LE Diet. We honestly don't know how long it takes to work (or if it does, I have very big doubts it does anything)

    Everything else is looking great - we are a microscope free zone LOL. if your husband is not super into swaying you may have good succes with e4d as most hubbies are more down with that, but otherwise I'd start off with one attempt, then go to e4d after a couple months if you don't get pregnant right away.
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