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    Swaying girl after two boys

    One more time!

    I was here in 2018, as I was trying for number two. I found this site probably a little late and we were in the process of trying for number two. I "tried" to sway from things I read online, however I ended up with baby boy #2. It has been great so far my oldest son having a brother but I can't help but long for a baby girl. I've always thought about three kids so i'm hoping the third times the charm (and finally talking my husband into number three as he was set on two). My son is currently 6 months old. I have yet to get my cycle back, so of course this will all depend on that. We plan to start trying later on toward the end of this year. I plan to nurse as long as he wants to.

    For my first, i was nursing as well. Got pregnant on the first try (which was surprising when he was 15 months). we did kind of an every 3-4 days so I think that is more of a boy sway. I wasn't sticking to the LE diet very well. I did drink coffee and occasionally alcohol, but overall a more "boy diet" for sure with lots of oatmeal (in the morning as I heard it was good for supply) and meat. I took calcium citrate with D3 and magnesium as well as prenatal (which i see now don't work)

    I have started trying to lose weight, by doing a type of intermittent fasting where I don't eat breakfast which I know (from reading on here) is recommended for girl sway. My lunch is typically chicken and salad, fruit, yogurt, veggies and then I have been having a meal replacement protein shake (protein powder 21grams, with oatmeal, teaspoon of chia and flaxseed, strawberries and almond milk) which has helped me lose weight. (I have tried to cut carbs like bread as well. I drink coffee daily and then drink alcohol occasionally. From what I have been reading, I "think" i know my cycle, but really could be wrong. I was just going by CM. I have never used OPK so i plan to start using them when my cycle returns so get an idea of my cycle. I read things like know your "peak" because 24 hours after that is when you typically ovulate. Also, I have read one BD is best for girl sway. Does that mean one BD all cycle (from the start of AF until O)? and I have also read that husband should abstain (<35) until the one BD. hot shower before, jump and dump. I want to make sure to get this right this time. I would like to have one more and I know nothing is for sure, but at least I will do what i can.

    I forgot to add, I drink tea at night (caffeine free) mostly herbal stuff. I read somewhere on here that was not good for girl sway?

    thank you!

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    I answered in your first thread!
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