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    Possibly boy territory

    Hi there,

    So Iím finally pregnant, due October and gave up swaying after 6 months of trying.

    And now Iím super super nervous.

    We had 2 BD. Because 1 wasnít cutting it.

    Me and partner gave up supps, didnít use gels or lubes. I checked Ph was 5.25 on first BD and was more the 6 on 2nd BD (closer to o I think) and I didnít do anything to adjust or bring it down.
    Partner is naturally high PH - 8-8.5 but I know you donít believe in PH.

    I had two potential peaks. Iíll attach a photo.
    One being cd17 6:21pm or cd18 3:25am (so late cd17 technically but because after 12 itís classified as next day. So one BD was 1pm cd17 (before 6:21pm cd17 potiental peak) and then another BD cd18 at 1pm (after both potential peaks)
    Depending on when I actually peaked and ovulated Iíve roughly worked my cut offs which Iíll also attach pics of. To explain how I worked them.
    I worked them out from 1st and 2nd BD and then the two potential peaks 6:21 or 3:25 and then the hours range from 24-48hours after peak being ovulation.

    I was on keto for 2 weeks prior to our two BD.
    I only had ribs (red meat) 2 times 2 weeks before o.
    Other then that I had chicken and tuna daily
    Cream most days. Cheese here and there.
    Almonds here and there (not alot)
    Avocado a few times as itís a natural fat so good on keto diet.
    Drank Diet Coke as my drink option.
    And had veg, mainly broccoli, zucchini and beans. And also salad, cucumber, lettuce, baby pickles.
    Didnít have potato or banana as thatís a no go on keto. And didnít eat tomato either.

    My concern now is apparently high protein sways boy and keto is high fat and protein but main focus is to reach protein intake.

    I was doing 1200-1500 calories a day. Usually around 1200-1300 but absolutely no carbs bar the small amount from veg. Only had max 20net carbs a day, absolutely no sugar.

    I just donít know where Iím at. And Iím nervous.

    Hope it all makes sense. Sorry for such a long post just hoping for some help and insight.
    And if you could let me know what my peak may be, as theyíre all so dark that would be great.

    Also forgot to add above - partner was having Diet Coke also.
    No potato, tomato, mushroom, banana or red meat til after our 2 BD.

    I was taking folic for pre conception but none of the girl swaying supps.

    Stopped keto the day I got my positive test 9dpo

    Prior months partner was on OLE, LR, so forth and I got no where. I was on cranberry for abit and that threw my cycle out until I stopped. So supps werenít an option anymore

    We didnít drink alcohol or anything, simply 2 BD on the dates listed above.

    Thanks x

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    Possibly boy territory

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    I can't tell anyone what the gender of their baby is going to be based on stuff like this.

    You were still eating a restrictive diet even though it was keto.

    2 attempts has not been much worse than one.

    Timing doesn't sway anyway so even if I could tell you when you ovulated based on that info (which I can't) it wouldn't matter to the outcome.

    You always have a chance of a girl! Good luck and pink dust headed your way.
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