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Thread: Jump and Dump

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    I only give myoinositol to people who need it (those with moderate to severe PCOS, insulin resistance, more than 30 lbs to spare, are over 40 or have some other reason to believe they have insulin resistance/egg quality issues and often not even then.) It can lower the levels of sex hormones too far for some people and may make more trouble than it is worth for the people who don't need it. (it's made some people have bizarrely high FSH, for example, and others lost scads of weight and stopped ovulating)

    Melatonin is a no-no for anyone who will be pregnant in the same month they are taking it. The ONLY people who are ok to use melatonin are those who are doing an egg retrieval for frozen transfer only (meaning their eggs will be frozen and used in a different month when they have not taken the melatonin). Some studies I've read have cast concern on taking unnaturally high levels of melatonin during pregnancy (even though it is naturally occurring, high levels may cause developmental delays in the baby) and we don't know how long it stays in the body after taking it. Plus, since the body NEEDS melatonin in early pregnancy, taking it and stopping it suddenly could trigger a miscarriage (going from sky high levels to NOTHING very fast). Not to mention that coming off melatonin supplements even for you, can be quite hard on the body, causing insomnia and depression, unless it is done very gradually (and we don't want you to be taking it during pregnancy). There is just no way to take melatonin for anyone who will be pregnant in the same month they're taking it because there isn't time to wean off it, it isn't safe NOT to wean off it (either for you or for baby), and you can't continue it into pregnancy either.
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    Oh wow! Im SO GLAD I asked you before deciding to take any of them! Specially the melatonin, I had no idea it wasn't safe while trying to conceive. Thank you so much for always responding to my questions, you have been extremely helpful. I really trust your knowledge and experience in the gender swaying topic, and that says a lot coming from a person who has trust issues

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