Hi, for some time now I’ve been developing this weird cluster theory- in a certain group of women only so many can have kids from the same gender. I can’t really explain what’a in my mind, so I’ll just give examples. For instance- we are 13 colleges in my team at work, all women, and since I gave birth to my DS2, five more of my colleagues got pregnant in the span of 1,5 years- all 5 of them with girls. It keeps bugging me- what would my chances be to get lucky and be the sixth one to conceive a girl??? It sounds just so improbable to me it was like that in my DS1 kindergarten group- all moms got girls for a second child so when I got pregnant it was like- huh, what could my chance be, it could still be a girl... well it wasn’t... it was like the long line of girls was over. If you understand my weird thoughts- I would appreciate some support. I am strict on my LE diet and 60 mins of brisk walking 5-6 times a week (lost about 10 pounds so far, BMI 19,7, so the results are visible), will stick to one attempt as long as possible, but can pure chance squeeze one more girl for me out of the “cluster”?